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Camera Operation

When you pick up any camera, the goal is normally to capture a moment.  To expose, compose and focus are the basic functions of any camera. Knowing this, you can utilize any camera available to capture your moment. 


Digital cameras allow light to enter the body of the camera thru the lens opening.  Here, light is guided by mirrors thru a focusing screen just before it reaches the viewfinder. This is when you are able to see and focus on what you are photographing.  When you decide what you want to capture and press the shutter, one of the mirrors in the camera body flips up and allows the light to reach the sensor.  This is when an image has been taken.  

Camera Modes

Ponce City Market


The 3 Pillars of Exposure are ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. They are used to ensure any image is exposed properly.


ISO controls the amount of light that your camera lets in and has a huge impact on the darkness or light in your photos

Shutter Speed

The speed at which the shutter of the camera closes. A fast shutter speed creates a shorter exposure — the amount of light the camera takes in — and a slow shutter speed gives the photographer a longer exposure.


Aperture in photography is the opening of the camera lens, which is related to the amount of light that passes through the camera lens to the image sensor. The aperture mechanism in the lens that allows more or less light to come in is formed of a series of opaque “blades” called diaphragm.

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