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What is Composition?

It is simply the arrangement of the elements in your photo.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a way of dividing frames for optimal composition. It involves evenly dividing the frame between two equally spaced horizontal and vertical gridlines, creating a three-by-three grid. In order to create balance and flow within the image, compositional elements should be placed where these lines of the grid intersect or segment your image.

Leading Lines

Leading lines are visual elements that pull the viewer’s eye toward a subject or focal point. They can be anything — roads running off into the distance, an arm stretched out toward something else, tree branches rising toward the moon — anything that pulls attention toward something else. These lines can give flat surfaces the appearance of depth, dimension, and shape.

Depth of Field

Depth of Field refers to the amount of image in focus. Playing with this, adds to the illusion of a third dimension within the photo. Shallow depth of field can give the viewer the impression that they’re focused on something immediately in front of them, and it provides a look of depth and scale, even in a flat photo.


Understanding that you are a viewer in relation to your subject, allows you to change perspective with purpose. Maybe you want the building to seem very tall, so you get closer and tilt your camera up to help sell the illusion. Ultimately, you as the photographer are also apart of the image. By owning this, you will explore different angles and perspectives on route to achieving that perfect shot.

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