Downtown Decatur Square in Georgia is a great place for photographers to visit due to its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of subjects to photograph. The square is surrounded by historic buildings, charming storefronts, and an array of colorful murals, providing photographers with a wide range of subjects to capture.

Additionally, the square is a popular destination for events and festivals, which offer photographers the opportunity to photograph candid moments and capture the energy and excitement of the occasion. The square’s central location in the city of Decatur also makes it easily accessible for photographers to visit and explore.

1 Review for Decatur Square

Lance Long 64 Reviews
Dynamic Location with a Variety of Scenes

Awesome location for portraits and engagement photos. City/Town like vibes with a gazebo. The square is busy almost everyday weekly. Best time to visit is during the evening. Best time for photoshoots are mornings and afternoons.

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