Hardy Ivy Park


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Hardy Ivy Park in downtown Atlanta is a great location for photography due to its proximity to a number of popular landmarks and attractions in the city. The park is located just a short walk from Peachtree Center, a major hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment in the city. This proximity makes it easy for photographers to capture shots of the bustling streets and towering skyscrapers of downtown Atlanta.

Hardy Park is a historic urban park located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Established in 1887, the park was named after Mayor William A. Hardy, who was a strong advocate for the development of public parks in the city. Throughout its history, the park has served as a popular destination for both locals and visitors, and has been host to a variety of events and activities.

One of the most notable features of Hardy Park is the Carnegie Library Monument, which is located within the park. The monument was erected in 1902, and was the result of a donation from Andrew Carnegie, who provided funds for the construction of a new public library. The library served as Atlanta’s main library for many years and was a symbol of progress and education in the city. The building was demolished in 1977, and the monument was the only remnant of the library left, it serves now as a historical marker and a reminder of the impact of the Carnegie foundation on the city. The monument is surrounded by a beautiful and well-manicured garden that serves as a popular spot for visitors to relax and take in the beauty of the park.

In addition to Peachtree Center, the park is also located near a number of other popular landmarks and attractions, including the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Center for Civil and Human Rights, providing ample opportunities for photographers to capture a wide range of subjects in the city. Overall, Hardy Ivy Park is a great location for photographers looking to capture the energy and excitement of downtown Atlanta.


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