The John Hancock Center


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The John Hancock Center, is a 100-story skyscraper located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. It is a great location for photographers looking to capture the city’s skyline and iconic landmarks. The building features an observation deck on the 94th floor, offering panoramic views of the city, including Willis Tower, Wrigley Field, and Lake Michigan, providing photographers with a wide range of subjects to capture. Visitors can also take the TILT experience, an inclining platform that tilts out over the city, offering an even more thrilling perspective.

The building is a true architectural masterpiece and a symbol of the city’s resilience and determination, it was completed in 1970 and it was the fourth-tallest building in the world at the time. The John Hancock Center is a great destination for photographers looking to capture the city’s skyline and landmarks, and also to learn more about the history and architecture of Chicago.


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