LaurenYS Mural at the Yale AACC


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The Yale University Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) is a vibrant space on campus that celebrates Asian American culture and identity. Outside the building, a captivating mural painted by Los Angeles artist LaurenYS has become a popular spot for photographers.

The mural blends traditional Asian motifs with contemporary elements, creating a visually stunning backdrop that reflects the complexities and diversity of the Asian American experience.

Photographers can capture unique and memorable images, contributing to the representation and visibility of the Asian American community. The AACC itself offers a culturally immersive environment, hosting events and exhibitions that photographers can document, further showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of Asian American experiences.

For photographers seeking visually captivating and culturally significant backdrops, the mural at the Yale University Asian American Cultural Center is an ideal location to explore and capture stunning images.


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