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Lance Long

Take Pics Here – Photo Walking the New Haven Green in Connecticut

Traversing this location with a 50mm lens only will not be enough to fully capture its essence.  Multiple lenses at varying ranges will allow you capture the amazing architecture of nearby buildings as well as the vast greenspace littered with trees. 

Lance Long

East Atlanta Photo-Walk with host Lance Long

      What’s Up  TakePicsHere Family!👋   My name is Lance, and I am the owner of LongShots Media and most importantly, a TakePicsHere Contributor.

Lance Long

What Makes Atlanta So Photogenic?

“What makes Atlanta So Photogenic? – Atlanta offers a diverse range of photographic opportunities, including iconic landmarks, gorgeous natural landscapes and hidden cultural gems. Easily

Astro Photography
Lance Long

Most Popular Photography Niches

Photography trends tend to evolve over time and can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as technological advancements, cultural shifts, and the work

hosting photo walks
Lance Long

How to Host a Photo Walk with Take Pics Here

Hosting Photo walks thru Take Pics Here is rewarding both financially and career wise.  Being able to position your self as an expert in your

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