Peachtree Street Bridge


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The Peachtree Street Bridge in Atlanta, Georgia, emerges as an enticing haven for photographers in search of captivating shots. Stretching over the bustling 75/85 highways, the bridge provides an exceptional viewpoint to capture mesmerizing scenes of the dynamic traffic below. What distinguishes this bridge are its remarkable 30 ft arches, adding a touch of grandeur to the urban landscape. Moreover, the iconic Peachtree sign adorns the sides of the bridge, creating an unmistakable visual identity that’s both eye-catching and iconic.

Nestled in its vicinity are several other noteworthy photography spots, including the vibrant Atlantic Station, which infuses an urban flair into any snapshot. Nearby, the High Museum of Art showcases its unique architectural style, while the World Athletes Monument commemorates the spirit of sportsmanship with its evocative sculptures. This collection of iconic sites forms a treasure trove for photographers, allowing them to encapsulate Atlanta’s essence through a series of captivating images. From the lively traffic flow beneath to the architectural marvels and cultural landmarks close by, the Peachtree Street Bridge offers a dynamic canvas for photographers eager to encapsulate the city’s vibrant character.


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