Pemberton Place


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Pemberton Place, nestled in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, beckons photographers with its captivating fusion of attractions and urban ambiance. This dynamic space is a perfect launching point for a photography journey, offering not only its own visual delights but also easy access to nearby iconic Atlanta landmarks.

As a starting point, photographers can capture the vibrant atmosphere of Pemberton Place itself, framed by the modern architectural structures that surround it. Beyond its confines, the close proximity to the renowned Georgia Aquarium, the interactive World of Coca Cola, and the expansive Centennial Olympic Park adds layers of visual diversity to any photographic expedition.

The chance to photograph a blend of architectural marvels, cultural exhibits, and lush green spaces in a single stroll makes Pemberton Place an ideal destination for a photography walk. Whether focusing on the intricate details of nearby attractions or the larger urban context, photographers are guaranteed an array of subjects that celebrate the heart and soul of Atlanta’s vitality.


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