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When you are itching to get out and shoot, but are tired of photographing at the same locations, what do you do? Well before 2022, I would jump on google maps and search for local attractions and landmarks.  On occasion, I would pick a well populated area of town, and just start photo-walking.  Now that I have been a photographer for over 10years, I have developed some great ways to find new locations to photograph. Keep reading to learn some tips on finding the best photo locations near you.


Photo taken by Lance Long of LongShots Media LLC


Scout out Local Landmarks to Find Interesting Architecture


Landmarks like parks, bridges, and historic buildings are great photo locations. Do some research online or ask locals for recommendations on the best landmarks near you. If you live in a major American city, then you should have no problem finding interesting and photogenic landmarks to capture.  This gets a little harder if you are in more remote areas.  The benefit of being in remote areas, is the access to open sky and land. Making Landscape Photography the ideal choice of niche in rural areas of America.


Photo of Atlanta Photographer by LongShots Media LLC


Visit local Museums and Galleries for Dynamic Installations


Museums and galleries often have beautiful, well-lit spaces that make great photo locations. Check out their websites to see if they allow photographers to use their spaces for shoots. This is often an issue for commercial or professional shoots, however you can easily get away with using a compact camera or small DSLR. Museums often give a deep history of  their location which should spark ideas of new locations to travel to.


find new locations to photograph

Photo take by Lance Long of LongShots Media LLC


Look for Unique Architecture within your City Center


Unique architecture like colorful houses, graffiti-covered walls, and interesting storefronts can make great photo locations. Keep your eyes peeled for these types of locations as you explore your city. One of the Amazing things about America, is the diversity in culture of it’s major cities.  What you can photograph in California, is a stark difference than what you can photograph in Vermont.  Fall in love with your local buildings and skyscrapers, chances are, there is a distant photographer itching to photograph where you may live.


find new locations to photograph

Image of Piedmont Driving Club was taken by Lance Long of LongShotsMedia.com


Check out Local Nature Preserves for Natural Beauty


Nature preserves like forests, lakes, and wetlands can make beautiful photo locations. These types of locations often have a variety of different backdrops and settings to choose from. Often well preserved by the State or Government, these preserves are perfect for landscape, portraits and wildlife photography niches.  Remember to bring portable power out to a location like this, if you plan to use external lighting off-camera. Locations like these are easy to find on any online map service or park directory.


find new locations to photograph


Sign up for a site like TakePicsHere


TakePicsHere is a free website that connects photographers with unique and interesting photo locations. Created by photographers who personally add and review each location. Locations are packed with useful information, so you are easily able to scout a location before arriving.



Before 2022, I did not have access to a finder like TakePicsHere.  It has been a valuable resource to my business and I am excited to integrate it more into my work flow.


With these tips, you’ll be able to start finding the best photo locations near you in no time.📸

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